After attending prodev day on 9/11/2010 and listening to two talks  given by Dom Raban and Tom Mason.  From Corporation Pop and Delineo respectively about Linkedin and using social media to job hunt it is clear that social media can be a really useful tool when looking  for and applying for jobs,

as directors of companies use sites such as linkedin to gain some background knowlege about applicants, as Dom Raban talked about using linkedin to perform advanced searches so that you can search for possible prospects and also by saving your searches you can then get emails weekly about who is in your connections and who has moved and also if anybody have been given promotions within their respective companies.  With linkedin you can join groups like with other social media sites, however with linkedin it is like having your cv online as when you put information about yourself on the site you should be honest, proud and sell yourself in order to build connections with other people within the industry.

Tom Masons talk was very interesting aswell because he talked a bit in depth about using social media to job hunt because you can reach more relevant candidates within which industy you are searching in.  Also twitter is  an important tool to use as Manchester is the 3rd largest city to use twitter behing London and Paris.  With twitter you can add relevant people/companies and twitter lists once you have addd them you can the interact with them by re-tweeting (RT) or by direct message (@), you can also tailor you updates to what you want to do and also you as a job hunter can get an idea of any potential employer so all you have to do is ask yourself this question Would I like to work for this person? and finally DON’T SPAM!!!

I hope this is of some use.