Within Social Media, The Music Industry or any Industry for that matter copyright, licensing and ethics play an important role.  If we take the music industry as an example these terms play an important part, as with the old analogue record contracts the artist was tied to the record company and so with any record sold the majority of the sale went to the record company however a small part of the sale went to the artist.  Before the days of the digital era this is how artists made money as their records were on sale for £10 plus.  However as we are now in the digital age these old analogue contracts are not much good because now people can buy individual tracks or albums from sources like Itunes, however even though the work is still copyrighted the arists are getting less and less because of file sharing hence why older bands are stating to tour again so that they can gain revenue from ticket sales and merchandising as these are the main two ways that bands make money.

Since we are in the digital age we are able to take existing copyright laws and create different levels of copyright for example creative commons is a good exapmle because creative commons is giving the power back to the people as anyone can now be the producer creator and artist.  With creative commons we are now able to set our own levels of copyright therefore allowing file sharing if you have selected the option so that pther people can see your work and if they use it they have to mention where they have found it, which in turn gives the creator more publicity and therefore the work may be used in another work for example music magazine.

Through creative commons you are setting your own license type so that you as an individual are in control of your own work.  This in turn relates to the ethics of it all beacause as you are in charge of your own work and setting your license type, so when other people use your work they have to mention you as the source when they use whatever work you have produced.  Therefore creating a professional approach when sharing work over the internet or any digital medium.