Recently I am resitting a couple of modules for my masters degree however I am just about to start my major project which is titled The influence of arrangement/production process in subject preference of a music mix. This topic is going to examine how a music producer focuses achieveing the best possible mix and relationship between the instruments, by taking into consideration the frequency,dynamic and pitch range of each of the different instruments within the mix.  Also the different music styles will have to be taken into consideration as each music style/genre has its own different stlye of mix.

Recently I have been involved with several productions these include West Side Story, Tales from Ovid, The Wooden Frock, Stags and Hens and   Dance 4 Life.  My role throughout these shows was to be the sound engineer.  The shows which I’m proud of the  ost would be West Side Story and Dance 4 Life, the reasons why I’m proud of these the most are that West Side Story was my first major show which I did the sound for as the show had 8 cast microphones which swapped between certain members of the cast and a 15 piece band which had to be mic’d up and balanced with each other and also with the cast memebers.  The reason why I’m proud of the Dance 4 Life show is because this show was set up and designed to raise money for Cancer Research as most of us either know someone or even have a relative who has suffered from Cancer I know I have, so by being involved with the sound for this show was a privilage and a honour as we were able to raise money for a worthy cause so that a cure may be found for this disease.

Anyway that seems to be all the updates I can think of at this moment in time, more will be posted over these next few weeks.