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Social Media can be an extremely useful tool for research as it enables you crowd source the relevant information you need.  It is also a good way of filtering out information so that only the relevant information is used.  For example on twitter you can search certain topics or keywords and there is also hash tagging these tools are extremely useful because you can serach for your chosen topic and then follow people who are constantly tweeting about it, by following these people you can then retweet their posts and also comment on them.  By doing this other people who are tweetinfg about the same topic may start to follow you and retweet some of your tweets, so eventulally you will end up with a constant stream of tweets relevant to your topic and all the information required can be gained. Continue reading


Updates about me

Recently I am resitting a couple of modules for my masters degree however I am just about to start my major project which is titled The influence of arrangement/production process in subject preference of a music mix. This topic is going to examine how a music producer focuses achieveing the best possible mix and relationship between the instruments, by taking into consideration the frequency,dynamic and pitch range of each of the different instruments within the mix.  Also the different music styles will have to be taken into consideration as each music style/genre has its own different stlye of mix. Continue reading