After reading Mark Ledden’s post on Audio Boo it is clear that he talks about some interesting points about Audio Boo,  however within this blog i’m going to expand on some of his points.

Audio Boo what is it?? and what does it do??…   Well Audio Boo is basically a micro blogging site which is primarily focused on sharing audio no matter where you are as being mobile is an important factor so that sharing audio is easy and it can be done anywhere, which in turn makes the mobile applications very important.

To set up an Audio Boo account is very easy to do as all the steps are very easy to follow, it is made even easier to log int0 Audio Boo as you can now use your twitter account to log in to the site.  Once you are logged into the site it is relativly easy to administer.  Audio Boo is similar to Twitter in several ways as you can follow other peoples boos or they can follow your boos that you have posted and also you can comment on the boos as well.

Whats the maximum size I can upload??… The “Boos” must be less than five minutes and 50MB, again this is like twitter as with twitter you are limited to a certain amount of characters.  So basically it is micro blogging however, as you are dealing with recorded sound it could be classed a smicro podcasting.

What formats can I upload??…  The formats excepted on Audio Boo are  AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, OGG, MP3, AAC and a few more which are not mentioned.  To upload on to Audio Boo you have two options the 1st option is to upload straight from your computer or you can record straight into your microphone or webcam.

Whats it like to use from your phone??…   Having just downloaded the free Audio Boo application for my Iphone it is rather easy to use. It is easy to link your account so that it makes it easier for both you and others to find your boos on Audio Boo.  To record yourself all you have to do is click on the record icon at the bottom of the screen then click the green start button and away you go.  Once you have finished your recording all you have to do then is press the publish button at the top righthand side of the screen and your Boo will be published.  When you first open the application you are asked if you would like Audio Boo to use your current location that bit is upto you to decide if you want to or not.  The first screen or home screen you will see is all the featured boos however, if you press the list button at the top right of the screen you can switch between featured boos, recent boos, popular boos, nearby boos and my boos.  Having just clicked on nearby boos I managed to find one which was created 10 months ago in one of my local pubs.  Another intersting feature is that if you click on the arrow it takes you to another page where you can see the the picture of the person or where the boo was recorded and you also get google maps showing the location of the recording.

Overall Audio Boo is a very useful tool to have and to use the only problem is finding something to say.