Throughout time technology has improved significantly as we strive to improve the technology that all ready exists.  It seems as if we do not use word of mouth any more instead we either communicate via texts, emails or instant messeger sites like MSN for example.  Through these communication platforms such as MSN social media has become one of the dominant forces if not the dominant force in todays world, however trying to predict the future is hard enough but being able to is a good advantage to have.

The other night I was watching a film called demolition man and it got me to thinking that the film was made during the 1990’s and even then they were trying to predict what the future would be like in 2010 so maybe the odd film is good for helping predict the future?? Who knows!! I’ll leave that one for you to decide.

As technology advances it becomes more and more complex and more and more companies are battling againt each other to try and come up with the next major breakthrough, I suppose technology is now just a buisness.  Thie makes me wonder though are the companies improving this technology for improvements sake?? or are the companies improving all the technology we have to make our lives easier so we don’t have to think?? or are these companies improving technology just for themselves?? or are they actually listening to what the customer (us) want or are they giving us what they think we need??  Since technology is now a big buisness I guess the underlining factor behind all of this is money and which company can make the most.

I think thats enough ranting for now, last weekend there was a football match on and the teams playing were Manchester United and Chelsea.  The reason why i’m mentioning this match is because for the first time ever this match was shown in 3D in certain venues round the uk, and as this blog is about future technology what might come next… I thought to myself now that we have High Definition TV whats to say that the new wave of  TV’s will all be in high definition but 3D high definition where you do not have to wear the 3D glasses to get the full effect.  Thats just my personal thought.

If you take a step back from it all and think long and hard the possibilities and limitations are endless of what we can actually achieve is actually quite mind boggling, however it just takes a few people or even one person to “think outside the box” and who knows what the next technological major break through will be??  If there is it will have to be something that is totally new and different beacuse at the moment when  a new smart phone comes out we are not suprised at what its capabilities are because we are used to smart phones we subconsiously expect it to do all the functions the previous smart phone could do, the only difference is that the software is improved and its just comes with a few more features as standard.