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Audio Boo

After reading Mark Ledden’s post on Audio Boo it is clear that he talks about some interesting points about Audio Boo,  however within this blog i’m going to expand on some of his points.

Audio Boo what is it?? and what does it do??…   Well Audio Boo is basically a micro blogging site which is primarily focused on sharing audio no matter where you are as being mobile is an important factor so that sharing audio is easy and it can be done anywhere, which in turn makes the mobile applications very important. Continue reading


Throughout time technology has improved significantly as we strive to improve the technology that all ready exists.  It seems as if we do not use word of mouth any more instead we either communicate via texts, emails or instant messeger sites like MSN for example.  Through these communication platforms such as MSN social media has become one of the dominant forces if not the dominant force in todays world, however trying to predict the future is hard enough but being able to is a good advantage to have. Continue reading