Piracy has always been an issue within the music industry it is something that has taken on different forms over the years as technologies change and improve.  Before the interent piracy was done by copying cd’s and then selling them on to other people, i’m willing to bet that this still goes on in todays world but not as much.  This is due to the arrival of high speed data links which can enable users to share large amounts of data very quickly whenever they so wish and by sharing the file information over the internet they do not have to make a physicall copy of the cd.  The internet has vast amounts of sites where audio/video editing software can be downloaded free of charge which then enables people to file share without paying over and over again for the one song which is being shared around. this in turn hits the music industy and artists where it hurts as they are not getting the royalties from each purchase.

Of course there is two sides to every argument, but there is usually some middle ground where both sides are happy the only problem is that most people are at both opposite extremes of the same argument which it turn makes it difficult to meet somewhere in the  middle where both sides are happy.  Some of the problem lies within the music industry as most of the artists if not all are signed upto analogue contracts which prevents any kind of file sharing legal or illegal.  It seems as if the music industry is slow to realise that the way forward is now digital media.  More information about this can be found in http://jeremy1.wordpress.com/2009/08/06/spotify-and-the-record-companies/ by Jeremy Silver, as he talks bout Spotify and the big old record companies.  The two sides to this issue are that one side promotes the artists work while on the other side revenue is being lost.  Fergal Sharkey and Billy Bragg discuss these issues this debate can be found in http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0069w9h, this debate is very interesting as two icons put across their own views on digital piracy, Fergal Sharkey supporting the conservatives and Billy Bragg supporting the liberists points of view.  After watching the clip you can see both sides of the arguments very clearly and it is easy to understand where they are both coming from and then you can make your own mind up on which side of the fence you are on or even if you decide to sit on the fence as you can see both sides and then meet them in the middle.  For me personally I do sometimes download free music but most of the time I will either purchase on track from I Tunes however most of the time I will just go out and buy the cd.

Looking at the information thats available it does seem that copyrighting material on digital media has only just scratched the surface, however recently there does seem to be a middle ground which is Creative Commons which can be found in  http://www.creativecommons.org.uk/ which goes on about sharing, remixing and reuse of material legally.