In today’s world most people have a mobile phone which has video and camera options, with these facilities people are able to upload videos and photos to social networking sites such as facebook and also to sites like youtube.  The intersting fact is that its not just kids or teenagers uploadinf the contenet to these sites it is the adults as well, its as if everyone is finally embracing that social networking sites seem to be the way forward.  With this technology everybody can be a producer and broadcaster as you are able to capture images or videos no matter where you happen to be as these facilites can be found on most mobile phones.  By videoing or taking photos and then putting them on the web you become the producer as you are deciding what footages and pictures you wish to upload to these sites, and once the images and footages have been uploaded to the sites you then become the broadcaster as you are now broadcasting your material to the whole world.

In a way by taking photos and filming videos and then putting them onto social networking sites we are documenting different parts of our daily lives.  Yes it is good for watching over and over again to remind you of that moment but also it gives someone a insight to that part of your life as they are able to search for it and then watch it if they so wish, however with every plus side there is always more or less a negative point or side to this as people can abuse this as people can use this technology to film their friends doing unpleasant things to other people and then putting it up on sites like youtube so that their mates everyone else can see what they did.  By doing this they think they are being big and clever but in actual fact they are being plain idiotic.  A more positive approach with this technology or uploading to social networking sites or youtube is that people are able to capture important events, if you cast your mind back a couple of years to the concorde crash in France  a video of the crash was captured on a mobile phone, with the footage captured it managed to help in the investigation in finding out the cause as the video showed key moments during the planes take-off this video was sent in and shown on the news and i’m willing to bet with a bit of searching the video will be on the net somewhere.

Overall USG does have its advantages and disadvantages as people can make what ever content they want and then broadcast it but what is the quality of it going to be like? and is it going to take over from professional content me personally I dont think it will somehow, however It can be a useful tool to get noticed as you never know who is watching what on the internet.  Of course for every good video there is hundreds of bad ones.

In my own personal opinion i’m not too sure about UCG yes I can see its good points but also I can see some of the bad points I guess i’m one of the ones that still need convincing.