Hello and welcome, my name is Andrew and I am currently studying for my masters degree in Audio Production at Salford University.  I completed my undergraduate degree in music with music technology in 2008 at Liverpool Hope Univesity.  I like to use the hands on approach to things as I find that I tend to lerarn more about what I am learning and dealing with, which I suppose makes me more technically minded.  I have several interests however music and audio production is my main interest.

My ohter interests and hobbies include playing my guitars, snooker, pool, crown green bowls and darts&dominoes as I play for my local pub team when I am at home.  As I have grown up computers and technology have become more and more prominant compared to when I was at primary school where there was the one computer in every other room and as I progressed to high school I remember being amazed at the number of computers in the computer suite.  Whereas compared to todays world there is a computer round every corner well almost.  Going back to my younger days I remeber finding an old amstrad games computer with a tape deck in the keyboard, and I remember setting it up in the garage with a few friends and then waiting waht seemed to be forever waiting the game to load up which at the time was paperboy I think!  In todays world we expect everything to be instant it seems as we have forgotten the art of waiting and being patient when it comes to computer and internet speeds as we want everything to have happened yesterday.  Also when we are able to surf the interent we feel connected but as soon as we dont have an interent connecection its as if we can not function and the whole world seems like it has come to an end.  However there is always the back up plan of  internet on your mobile phones so we can access the social networking sites like facebook.  This brings me neatly onto another point ever since the start of facebook it seemes eveyone jumped on the band wagon including me.  Facebook seems to have gotten to the stage where if you are slightly bored the first thing people seem to do is to go straight onto facebook.  It seems like if you want to find out what people or your friends are doing there is no point in asking them face to face you may as well go on to facebook load up their wall see what they are upto and what everyone else has typed and then ask them what you wanted to ask them, however as mentioned before as soon as you dont have abn internet connection and you can not get on facebook you feel isolated.

Since twitter came about I was sceptical about creating one as it seemed like another facebook moment.  I dont have a twitter account as I dont want to have one for the sake of  having one just because everyone else seems to have a twitter page.

Another site I like to use is you tube however I do not have an account for this I just use it to watch music videos.  Overall it seems that people are  careless in the ways that they behave online whether it is intentional or whether it is just simply being naive.  I suppose the best way to check would be to google yourself and see what comes up whether it is good or bad.  So if you want to start creating a good online aura then start a blog.