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After attending prodev day on 9/11/2010 and listening to two talks  given by Dom Raban and Tom Mason.  From Corporation Pop and Delineo respectively about Linkedin and using social media to job hunt it is clear that social media can be a really useful tool when looking  for and applying for jobs,

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The first clip which I think can be used in multiple contexts can be found here the reasons why I have chosen this clip are because it can be compared to the analogue and digital as in the moder world we have moved from analogue to digital and with this clip the times have moved from steam to electric. The tags that I would use are #steam #buisness #era #engine. View full article »

Media convergance is the combination of combining of computing and information technology companies, telecommunications networks and content providers away from the publishers of newspapers and magazines.  With media convergence it is all about sharing content, communicating and computers.  Media convegence is now happening all the time as people are now realising that the internet has a wealth of information and can be used to share information quickly and economically, with the use of media convergence companies can share their content quicker and easier with the consumer. View full article »

Within Social Media, The Music Industry or any Industry for that matter copyright, licensing and ethics play an important role.  If we take the music industry as an example these terms play an important part, as with the old analogue record contracts the artist was tied to the record company and so with any record sold the majority of the sale went to the record company however a small part of the sale went to the artist.  Before the days of the digital era this is how artists made money as their records were on sale for £10 plus.  However as we are now in the digital age these old analogue contracts are not much good because now people can buy individual tracks or albums from sources like Itunes, however even though the work is still copyrighted the arists are getting less and less because of file sharing hence why older bands are stating to tour again so that they can gain revenue from ticket sales and merchandising as these are the main two ways that bands make money. View full article »

Social Media can be an extremely useful tool for research as it enables you crowd source the relevant information you need.  It is also a good way of filtering out information so that only the relevant information is used.  For example on twitter you can search certain topics or keywords and there is also hash tagging these tools are extremely useful because you can serach for your chosen topic and then follow people who are constantly tweeting about it, by following these people you can then retweet their posts and also comment on them.  By doing this other people who are tweetinfg about the same topic may start to follow you and retweet some of your tweets, so eventulally you will end up with a constant stream of tweets relevant to your topic and all the information required can be gained. View full article »

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Recently I am resitting a couple of modules for my masters degree however I am just about to start my major project which is titled The influence of arrangement/production process in subject preference of a music mix. This topic is going to examine how a music producer focuses achieveing the best possible mix and relationship between the instruments, by taking into consideration the frequency,dynamic and pitch range of each of the different instruments within the mix.  Also the different music styles will have to be taken into consideration as each music style/genre has its own different stlye of mix. View full article »

Audio Boo

After reading Mark Ledden’s post on Audio Boo it is clear that he talks about some interesting points about Audio Boo,  however within this blog i’m going to expand on some of his points.

Audio Boo what is it?? and what does it do??…   Well Audio Boo is basically a micro blogging site which is primarily focused on sharing audio no matter where you are as being mobile is an important factor so that sharing audio is easy and it can be done anywhere, which in turn makes the mobile applications very important. View full article »

Throughout time technology has improved significantly as we strive to improve the technology that all ready exists.  It seems as if we do not use word of mouth any more instead we either communicate via texts, emails or instant messeger sites like MSN for example.  Through these communication platforms such as MSN social media has become one of the dominant forces if not the dominant force in todays world, however trying to predict the future is hard enough but being able to is a good advantage to have. View full article »

File Sharing

Piracy has always been an issue within the music industry it is something that has taken on different forms over the years as technologies change and improve.  Before the interent piracy was done by copying cd’s and then selling them on to other people, i’m willing to bet that this still goes on in todays world but not as much.  This is due to the arrival of high speed data links which can enable users to share large amounts of data very quickly whenever they so wish and by sharing the file information over the internet they do not have to make a physicall copy of the cd.  The internet has vast amounts of sites where audio/video editing software can be downloaded free of charge which then enables people to file share without paying over and over again for the one song which is being shared around. this in turn hits the music industy and artists where it hurts as they are not getting the royalties from each purchase. View full article »

In today’s world most people have a mobile phone which has video and camera options, with these facilities people are able to upload videos and photos to social networking sites such as facebook and also to sites like youtube.  The intersting fact is that its not just kids or teenagers uploadinf the contenet to these sites it is the adults as well, its as if everyone is finally embracing that social networking sites seem to be the way forward.  With this technology everybody can be a producer and broadcaster as you are able to capture images or videos no matter where you happen to be as these facilites can be found on most mobile phones.  By videoing or taking photos and then putting them on the web you become the producer as you are deciding what footages and pictures you wish to upload to these sites, and once the images and footages have been uploaded to the sites you then become the broadcaster as you are now broadcasting your material to the whole world. View full article »